Student Health and Well-Being

At all times the staff of West Greenwood endeavour to provide the utmost care for your child or children.  We ask parents to inform us of any disabilities or concerns that may affect their child or children.   This includes the inability to perform particular physical activities, allergies or medical conditions.  Children with asthma or other illnesses should carry appropriate medicine with them eg asthma inhaler and spacer etc.  Ailments and allergies should be clearly marked on the child’s enrolment form.  Please ensure your enrolment form is updated whenever changes occur.

WGPS is Allergy Aware

WGPS is an Allergy Aware school and teachers conduct allergy awareness lessons as part of their health education program.  Letters are sent home advising parents that a student in their child’s class suffers from an allergy and requests are made to adjust the diet of their child eg avoid peanut butter, nutella and other nut products.  

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Pastoral Care

We believe that happy children learn best. Consequently, at West Greenwood we strive to create a school community where students, parents and teachers feel safe, valued, connected and have a strong sense of belonging. We actively discourage bullying in any form. We ask all students to treat each other at all times with courtesy and respect. We encourage parents to let us know if their child is unhappy coming to school.  Our policy on bullying behaviour and other helpful information for parents is available from the 'Links' page to the left.

For our student brochure about bullying click HERE


The Department of Education has a detailed medication policy.  Teachers will assist with some medication under the provision of this policy.  Parents requesting medication support for their children need to obtain and complete copies of the appropriate forms in order to have medication administered.

Click HERE to download the Student Health Care Summary form. 

Emergency Medical Plans

Where a child is at extreme risk from circumstances such as allergies, or other life threatening conditions, a Health Care Plan must be drawn up with the school and signed by a medical practitioner.

On enrolment parents are asked to provide a copy of the child’s immunisation record.  Medical officers from the City of Joondalup call annually to administer immunisations to Year 7 students as required.

Sickness or Accident

Minor injuries or illness during the day are normally attended to at school.  Every endeavour is made to contact a parent to arrange for the child to be collected from school in more serious cases.  In extreme emergencies, the child may be taken to a doctor or hospital if the parents cannot be notified.   Please ensure your contact details are kept up to date.

Children who are ill are expected to remain at home until sufficiently well, or cleared by a doctor, to return to school.  The Principal may at times request a child be kept home due to illness or other health reasons.


It is very stressful to your sick child when the school cannot contact parents due to out of date contact numbers.

Communicable Diseases Information for Parents

Click HERE to download the Department of Health Document about communicable diseases.

Click HERE to download the Department of Health Document about Headlice.


School Psychologist

Support is available from the Student Services Team at the Regional Office.

School psychologist time is available for students K - 7.  Appointments are arranged through the Deputy Principal.

School Nurse

A school nurse is allocated to our school for two days per term.  The role of the nurse is health promotion and health education.  This includes routine screening procedures such as vision and hearing checks as well as involvement in the school’s health program.  If you have a concern about your child’s health, contact the office to arrange a referral.

Dental Therapy Unit

Our school is covered by the GREENWOOD DENTAL THERAPY CENTRE located at Greenwood Primary School (Merivale Way, Greenwood).  The telephone number is 9203 5611 or Mobile 0417 183 458.

School Chaplain

Parents, students and staff have access to a school chaplain on Mondays and Thursdays each week. The chaplain is also available in emergencies, if necessary.  Appointments are made through the Deputy Principal.