Free Speech Pathology

In partnership with Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, the school offers free testing and speech therapy to identified students from Kindergarten to Yr 2.

Values Education

Values education is integrated across the curriculum, K – 6, through the You Can Do It! Program. Each few weeks a specific value is selected to be focused on. Our four core values are Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Doing Your Best. Students are awarded ‘Yellow Slips’ for demonstrating the values.

Peer Mediators

The Peer Mediator program began at West Greenwood Primary School in 2005.  It involves selected and trained Year 6 students who are easily identified in the playground by their maroon hats and badges.  Peer Mediation offers a preventative approach to discipline and conflict problems in the playground.  Mediators deal with problems of a minor nature such as game disputes, arguments and name-calling.  The program has operated very successfully at West Greenwood Primary School and is being used in many schools.  It provides children with people skills and communication skills they can use throughout their lives.

Trainee and Assistant Teacher Program

This school works in conjunction with Edith Cowan and Notre Dame Universities which allocate groups of trainee teachers to us several times a year.   The student teachers are highly valued additions to the school staff and help the class teachers and students in many ways. They work under the direction of the class teachers with individual students, small groups and whole class groups. These people are afforded the care and respect of normal staff members and are expected to be treated as such by all students.

Transition Programs  

Year 6 Transition

West Greenwood is a partner school for Greenwood College. Special programs offered at Greenwood College include Music, Aviation, French, Dance/Drama, Academic Extension and Volleyball. During the year Yr 6 students participate in maths and science programs at the high school. In Term 4 students participate in an orientation day.  Further information is available from Greenwood College.  Ph: 9243 9200.

Click here to download the booklet: Transition – Gearing up for secondary school.

Pre Primary / Year 1 Transition

At West Greenwood Pre Primary and year one students regularly work and play together and our four and five year olds are seen as an integral part of our school.  They use the same playground, use the Library, attend assemblies and have buddy classes in the middle and senior classes of the school.

Kindergarten to Pre Primary Transition

In Term 4 a transition to Pre Primary program is run for Kindy students.  They participate in activities designed to make them familiar with different parts of the school and play areas.  They visit other classrooms and spend some time working with the teachers who will be teaching them the following year.


Various summer and winter activities (e.g. swimming, athletics, triathlon, table tennis, football, soccer and netball etc.) are well catered for. Physical Education lessons are provided by our specialist PE teacher. Special sports clinics conducted by elite athletes are organised during the year for various year levels. The annual faction athletics carnival is a community event attended by many parents in September.



Swimming classes, conducted by fully qualified Department of Education swimming teachers, are organised for Pre Primary to Year 6 each year.  As this is part of the school program, all students are expected to attend.  The school shares the Greenwood College swimming pool and costs of lessons are therefore able to be kept to a minimum.


Each year students are assessed for entry into the Primary Extension and Challenge Program.  PEAC, in the North Metropolitan Education Region, caters to the special learning needs of gifted and talented students. PEAC centres offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings. For more information about PEAC click on the following link:



West Greenwood has a full time specialist music teacher and all PP – 6 classes receive music lessons each week.  A highlight of every class assembly is the singing of our community song by the whole school. A school choir and school rock band practise out of hours and perform regularly, with the choir participating in local music festivals.

Instrumental Music

Students in Year 4 are assessed at the end of the year for placement in the Instrumental Music Program for Years 5 and 6.  Currently there are places for children to learn flute and brass instruments.  A Department of Education instrument will be made available for the first year for a maintenance hire fee of approx. $100.  Students are required to purchase their own instrument in the following year.  Our instrumentalists are expected to continue this program at Greenwood College, which has an excellent student band.

Information Technology

Our school prides itself on the advanced Information Technology available to all classes, Kindy to Year 6.  All classrooms are connected to our network and have access to the Internet and our library systems.  Children have access to desktop workstations, ipads, scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, laser printers and a comprehensive range of software.  All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard to facilitate teaching and learning.