School Board


The purpose of the School Board is to help create the best possible learning environment for all students. We work towards this by meeting regularly to review and discuss objectives, priorities and policies; financial planning; performance and achievements; codes of conduct; dress codes; promotion in the community; contributions and charges; sponsorship and advertising; and religious education.  The function of the School Board is to provide a spectrum of advice in these areas to assist the school in its planning and policy development.


West Greenwood Primary's School Board is comprised of 11 members consisting of the School Principal and three elected staff members and six elected community members (including a P&C representative). Two of these members are appointed annually as Chairperson and Secretary.

Elected School Board members hold their position for a period of up to three years and may be reappointed.  A P&C representative may be appointed by the Board on a yearly basis. When an elected position becomes vacant the Principal calls for nominations to fill the position.  Where there are more nominees than positions available a simple election is held to appoint Board Members (staff voting for staff members, parents voting for parent members). Upon joining the School Board, members are required to accept the School Board Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct.


The School Board meetings are held during school hours in the Staff Room. Interested members of the school community are welcome to attend meetings as observers, notifying the Chair of their intended attendance prior to the meeting and only where confidential matters are not being discussed.