Our P&C is a voluntary organisation and is your opportunity to have a voice and participate in the education of your children. With the support of many volunteers from the school community, the P&C provides equipment and services for our children, and the income from your voluntary contributions and from other fundraising activities is used to enhance the facilities and learning environment of the school.

Our P&C encourages and develops parent participation and involvement in the school.  It is a forum for parent discussion pertaining to the school community and promotes and supports communication and cooperation.

The P&C runs many services for the school, including:

* Canteen open for full service each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

* Fundraising to support the school

* Safety House

* Book Club

West Greenwood Primary School (WGPS) P&C Association prides itself of providing the best we can for our children and nurturing a warm and friendly school community. New faces are always welcome and any contribution that can be made will be much appreciated.

The P&C requests an annual contribution of $35.00 per family which can be paid at the same time as Campion book orders, at the school office or by electronic funds transfer (BSB 016 495/Account 193585147).   Thank you for your contribution.  Together with fundraising profits these funds are given back to our students and the school through the purchase of equipment, resources and services. 

P&C Funding Requests

Do you have a suggestion for funding from the P&C? If so, we would love to hear from you.  Simply complete the Funding Request  form   and send it to wgps.pandc@gmail.com.

You don’t have to be a P&C member to request funding. We’ll need the form and information at least 14 days before a P&C general meeting to have it added to the meeting agenda.   

Annual General Meeting

At the start of each year the P&C holds its Annual General Meeting and appoints each office bearer position  Click here for a full description of the P&C office bearer roles.

Anyone can join the P&C simply by paying the $1 membership and this entitles you to vote.  However, you can still join at any general meeting throughout the year if you are unable to attend the AGM.

General meetings are held twice a term in the staff room.  Everyone is welcome to come along and be involved in decision making on events and allocation of funds.  An agenda is sent out to P & C members a few days before each general meeting and minutes are available on request.

2019 P&C Meeting dates (7.30pm in the WGPS staffroom)

Term 1 – Tuesday 26 February (AGM) & Tuesday 26 March

Term 2 – Tuesday 14 May & Tuesday 18 June

Term 3 – Tuesday 6 August & Tuesday 10 September

Term 4 – Tuesday 29 October and Tuesday 3 December

Please feel free to contact the P&C by email wgps.pandc@gmail.com if you have any questions, suggestions, wish to volunteer or simply to say hi.  We would love to hear from you.

P&C Class Representatives

In Term One each class holds a parent teacher meeting and it is at this meeting that parents are asked to volunteer to be the P&C representative for the class.  We encourage all class representatives to attend the P&C meetings throughout the year if possible.

The Class Representatives help to:

  1. Provide parents in the class with a parent contact list – handy for play-dates and getting to know each other
  2. Encourage parents in their class to volunteer in the school canteen
  3. Pass on information (via email or word of mouth) to parents in their class about upcoming P&C events
  4. Organise parent helpers to volunteer their time at P&C fundraising events


Canteen Volunteers

Our P&C runs the school canteen and employs a canteen supervisor, Heidi Milne (who is also a parent at our school) to manage the daily operations.  The canteen is open for recess and lunch each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We have a wonderful canteen with delicious food and a very welcoming atmosphere.  The kids love it and we encourage all parents/carers to help out by volunteering in the canteen.  Volunteers help to prepare food, serve students during recess and lunch and assist with cleaning dishes and wiping benches. Volunteers are welcome to help anytime between 10.00am - 1.00pm.  Of course, if you can only come in for an hour that is absolutely fine.

Students love to see their parents helping out in the canteen – certainly puts a smile on their face!  So please, support your P&C by volunteering in the canteen. Simply pop in any Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning to speak to Heidi or email wgpscanteen@gmail.com and Heidi will be in touch.

Fundraising Events

The resources we provide to the school are in addition to Government funding and parent school contributions.

Fundraising events are a great way to get involved and meet other parents.  Our key events include the Lapathon, cake stalls, sausage sizzles and the end of year Christmas Carols night.

Some tasks our volunteers help with include:

  •             Handing out flyers to classrooms
  •             Setting up and taking down equipment
  •             Counting money raised with the Fundraising Coordinator
  •             Organising other parents to volunteers during the event
  •             Promoting the event to parents in their kid’s classroom
  •             Helping out at a sausage sizzle
  •         Baking cakes/biscuits for certain events


President – Rebecca Brankovic

Vice President –  Nicole Welsh

Treasurer – Anita Skroza

Secretary – Suzanne Kuuse

Executive Members – Sonia Dunstan, Carly Doughty, Tash Wrathall

Office Bearers:

Fundraising Coordinator – Open (position to be voted in at next meeting)

Safety House Coordinator – Nikki Scrivener

Uniform Shop Coordinators – Amanda Hogan, Annie Tasker

Book Club Coordinator – Crystal Collins

School Board Representative: Aaron Dunstan

Communication Officers - Acacia: Amanda Hogan; Banksia -Sarah Zuchetti;  Karri: Crystal Collins, Annie Tasker; Jarrah: Anita Skroza; and Tuart: Monica Botica

Uniform Committee – 

Canteen Committee – Jen Cornish; Lisa Strauch; and  Rebecca Brankovic (ex-Officio)


Canteen Treasurer- Anita Skroza

Fundraising Committee – Sonia Dunstan, Anita Skroza, Carly Doughty, Crystal Collins-Sio

Year 6 Graduation Committee- Emily Pearce; Nicky Vander Loop; Mel De Barros; Claire Mcauley; and Monica Botica