We enjoy wide success academically at West Greenwood Primary through the enthusiastic and dedicated approach to teaching and learning shown by all staff, students and parents.  In an evolving information age, the school has the responsibility to ensure all students are engaged learners and strives to provide a curriculum which is designed to include and meet the needs of all.


Our Kindergarten program follows the principles and practices described in the Early Years Learning Framework and the West Australian Kindergarten Guidelines.  Our Kindergarten teachers take into account the many different experiences and backgrounds of the children in the classroom to make sure the learning program helps each child.

The children begin to build on what they have learned at home. This includes their understanding of language – that language is made up of words, that written words are made up of letters in the alphabet and that spoken sounds can be written down. They also learn about numbers and shapes and the many different ways we use maths in our lives every day.

These early lessons help the children later with reading, spelling, language and math skills. Play allows the children to share and take turns while developing coordination and confidence. They also learn social skills by playing with other children and sharing equipment.

Pre Primary – Yr 6

Our curriculum is based upon the eight learning areas of the Western Australian Curriculum Outline with staff and students working towards the implementation of the Australian curriculum. 

Teaching and learning programs are currently based on the following learning areas:

  •  English
  •  Mathematics
  •  Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  •  Languages – Japanese (Yrs 3 – 6)
  •  The Arts
  •  Health and Physical Education
  •  Technologies

Higher Order Thinking Skills, Cooperative Learning strategies, Explicit Teaching strategies and ICT skills are embedded in teaching practices.

All staff have a strong commitment to curriculum improvement and school improvement planning. Shared leadership is a strength of the staff, with an emphasis placed on maintaining knowledge and skills through embracing the sharing of professional learning.

West Greenwood Primary School students generally achieve well when judged against their peers in similar schools and do well on advancement to high school.